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Feb 7th, 2014The Next Big Thing

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Once in a while you see something that shakes things to their foundations. Something disruptive–like the birth of social media, or micro-stock. I really want to discover something like that. This is not that. This is just something cool.

Right now, there are lots of design trends, most notably the vintage signage-inpsired type movement (which I called as a de-facto protest movement to micro-stock back in about 2007), and I suppose responsive web design coupled with parallax jQuery is also notable. But something big has just happened, and I chalk it up to… Microsoft. Enter the circle. read morefinger

Jan 30th, 2014Meaningful Work

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We all want to do something meaningful with our lives, and these days, we would prefer if our work brought that meaning to it. Whether it’s just being a part of something greater, philanthropic, or just “cool” – the feeling is the same. Work should matter. Really, I’m no different.

Except I am. I have been lucky blessed enough to work with enough Baby Boomers and a few older than them to realize how good we have it today. read morefinger

Dec 15th, 2012Chained to the Cloud

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Everyone loves the cloud. We love the cloud. The cloud is that imaginary place where all our business problems disappear, our IT costs vapourize and everything and everyone has the a rosy red glow of ecstasy on their faces. But have you ever actually thought about what the cloud is?

The cloud is really a series of high tech data centres all over the world. People own them. Shareholders, actually, own them. Shareholders don’t generally like free services. read morefinger

Oct 11th, 2012Lorum Ipsum

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lorum ipsum

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May 29th, 2012Why?

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This past weekend I heard about a book – Start with why by Simon Sinek. The summary of the book rocked my concept of business. Rocked. My concept. The book (which I have not read yet) assumes that we are in business not to make stuff (how & what) but for something (why). I’ve been looking for something to polarize Redpoint’s vision, as well as articulate what we really do here. Truthfully, we design stuff, just like the other shops in town (what). But why we do it is far more nebulous. read morefinger

Jan 1st, 2012Social Media Mashup

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Cant you see me

Well, here we are starting off 2012. Hopefully with a bang.  I’ve read a few reviews of 2011, and it was a good year for a lot of businesses. But what is coming up now? This article pretty well sums up the tech side, but what about us mere mortals in central Alberta?

2012 will clearly be the year of the mobile device, that much is clear. read morefinger

Nov 23rd, 2011We’re Really Excited.

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Montage of Recent Work

It’s pretty amazing. We’ve had a tremendous run of creative marketing pieces this past 6 months. Redpointers have created some stuff that is pretty darn impressive. We’ve written copy, printed brochures, made maps, murals, and continue to crank out websites. The problem is, most of it hasn’t been published, released or otherwise produced. read morefinger

Jun 29th, 2011Are Business Cards Dead?

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Business CardsIn this age of social media, apps, click ads and online networks, a once immovable bulwark of business is slowly disappearing–the business card. In the “olden days” the mighty rolodex would sit on the office manager or salesperson’s desk–the all-powerful gatekeeper to leads, key contacts and everything to keep the greasy read morefinger

May 30th, 2011Red Deer’s Coolest Beans

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Its not often a potential landmark business opens in any community. Red Deer has been graced with something very unique – our very own coffee bus – the Traptow’s Cool Beans Bus, straight from the Oxford Circle in London!

Kevin and Becky Traptow have gone to great lengths to open a coffee shop that is unique, enjoyable and has great food. Based on the sun exposure alone, the balcony is the clear read morefinger