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Dec 15th, 2012Chained to the Cloud

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Everyone loves the cloud. We love the cloud. The cloud is that imaginary place where all our business problems disappear, our IT costs vapourize and everything and everyone has the a rosy red glow of ecstasy on their faces. But have you ever actually thought about what the cloud is?

The cloud is really a series of high tech data centres all over the world. People own them. Shareholders, actually, own them. Shareholders don’t generally like free services. read finger more

Oct 11th, 2012Lorum Ipsum

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lorum ipsum

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May 29th, 2012Why?

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This past weekend I heard about a book – Start with why by Simon Sinek. The summary of the book rocked my concept of business. Rocked. My concept. The book (which I have not read yet) assumes that we are in business not to make stuff (how & what) but for something (why). I’ve been looking for something to polarize Redpoint’s vision, as well as articulate what we really do here. Truthfully, we design stuff, just like the other shops in town (what). But why we do it is far more nebulous. read finger more

Jan 1st, 2012Social Media Mashup

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Cant you see me

Well, here we are starting off 2012. Hopefully with a bang.  I’ve read a few reviews of 2011, and it was a good year for a lot of businesses. But what is coming up now? This article pretty well sums up the tech side, but what about us mere mortals in central Alberta?

2012 will clearly be the year of the mobile device, that much is clear. read finger more